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sum 41 – open your eyes lyrics


“open your eyes”

i’m not quite myself.
i do need some help.
just my confusion,
trust my delusion.

don’t you,
regret you met me.
go through,
these steps to get me,
back to where we start,
‘fore i fall apart.

if i could black out,
it’d become so clear,
standing face-to-face with everything i fear.
watch so closely,
but still i don’t see.
as bad as it seems,
a piece of mind i steal,
in ordinary life,
the consequence is real.
i’m past the point of reality.

this isn’t me,
this isn’t you,
but it’s just everything we do.
till you open up your eyes,
and understand this isn’t real.
this isn’t me,
this isn’t you,
this is everything but true,
till we come to realize,
it’s what we put each other through.

it’s like a bad dream,
that’s becoming all too true,
leaving me with nothing else left to do.
now so helpless,
i’m not so selfish.
tell me,
how does it feel to have a face like that,
how does it feel to be replaced like that.
now so faceless,
do you still feel?


it’s hard to believe right now,
this seems to be real.
still phasing by this time,
so why can’t i wake up.


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