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summoned souls – suspended in endless nothing lyrics


[verse 1: eidolon]
all black room with the lights off
all hope doomed in these night talks
outlined my tomb in this white chalk
so flew my coupe like a nighthawk
cus b-tch, i hear my callin now
3am creepin the talk of the town
iike donnie in darko
i fuck with the time flow
i’m bustin these nuts till i crush with the right hoe
eyes rollin back so im rockin the blindfold
whispers of pixies like where did my mind go?
shit i lost my marbles a second
gave it a shot but i gave up on reverends
fuck a fake friend only roll with my brethren
you talking that shit and i’m mitsu in tekken
we have been summoned
to essence from nothin
now open the pit
got a hole in ya stomach
i feel it now comin
the peak of the summit
i step with the b-ss
like i’m dddd-drummin
no holdin me back now
got it bunpin and jumpin
ive come for the crown so
i’m slashing and thrustin
i’m born from my shunning
now all of a sudden
i feel it plummet
lost the blood rush
what am i becoming..

[verse 2: rich maiden]
everything i ever believed in falls into a thousand pieces
a reason to resist the deceit they preaching
awake in a dream b-tch
cloven the foot of the king
rich maiden the beast
it be the wickeder witch of the east, man
mastermind skulls on my feet man
indigo leaf on my jeans, d-mn
cash out quick while the yen weak, man
feeling like i’m japanese, d-mn
levitate on the freeway as i’m going like 50 over what they say i’m supposed to
but everything’s cool
i get paid i can show you
so test me go ahead
see the maiden go postal

born to k!ll the things that we create
sharpen my machete shine the blade
distance myself from the world (my enemy)
calling out to god like he ain’t dead to me
don’t think for a second it’s a game
sanctuary no longer is safe
kamikaze, bullet to my brain
what’s the point of living anyway?

[verse 3: lilo key]
fuck your crucifixes
i’m her new religion
heard me rap and now she keeping secrets
and her boy friend well he love me to
it’s a family affair when i’m in the room
i don’t need your shine
id rather black out
broke boy never back down
came from dirt roads and wooden wheels
like i time traveled from the home town

on the corner screaming fuck you fill my pockets
had to tombstone friends you could check the closet
i’m the new waves threat on a blue c-ssette
you want to know who’s next i could likely off him

no names in the graves yard only black boxes
two grams of snowman up in the c-ckpit
two plans make it or die
you know why
cuz i can’t see myself living the way moms did
oh lord there he goes again
with flows that bend the mind break the pen
combine m-ss appeal
and master sk!ll
the man’s is ill
i been burnt up from deep within

i bet i take her when the lights down
never expected reception like i’m christ now
every time i enter the room they get hype now
guess it’s all from paying my dues
the dude nice now
never had to lace up my shoes i’ll race right now
fuck em all ima make em chase lights now