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sunny jorge – this here i swear lyrics


we were stuck in the trap tryna get us a meal wasn’t talking about dollars, now we got us a meal we put food on the table for n-gg-s around us/ i remember the nights breaking day for the bread in abandon apartments, i remember the days and the nights they were lurking to have us surrounded/ i can tell you this here i swear that none of these n-gg-s will say i deserve it, i could tell you this here i swear the love ain’t the same, ain’t none of us perfect/ i could tell you this here i swear these b-tches don’t like me they said i was dirty, i can tell you this here i swear this year i’m going to make all of it worth it/

verse 1:

never had to change up for a b-tch
never had the change to break a 10
now n-gg- came up from the trenches
in the field trapping from the benches
cocaine , heroin and xans
-pimp sh-t left it to my mans-
i ain’t never got rap again
drug dealing always was the plan
n-gg- i really do mean it-
i fathered n-gg-s that’s not from my p-n-s -i bothered n-gg-s when i really needed it they like it’s not what i say it be seeming like sunny u tweaking
i get fanta and remix –
i get coffee and lean it
molly and promethazine it-
vicodin all in my liquid
could be the reason i’m leaning-
cutting the plaster on all my dishes –
i used the razor to mark up the digits-
i cut the straw on the end just to fill it
and used the flame on the end just to seal it-
i beat that b-tch then i work her like sealy
-i put my b-tch on that purple like whoppie-
gold on my neck it was dirt now it’s litty i really came from the mud and i’m filthy

hook 1x

verse 2:

i could remember the heat from the oven-
carry the heat when i come out in public –
it wasn’t cold but we still kept the thermals
to hide the drugs that we carried upon us-
just in case 12 had tried run up on us
easily to slip the cracks we was pumpin
thought of a job but i got better at hustling –
that was the time when a n-gg- had nothing –
still on the grind like my memory flooded with poison
money in timberland boxes support me i gotta just live with my choices maybe it’s all of these voices-
its harder tryna ignore when i got all of the souces to make our money get larger

hook 1x