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sunset rollercoaster – summum bonum lyrics


summum bonum
met you last summer
we were just friends that time

summum bonum
maybe it was winter
feelings just showed that night

summum bonum
i knew it’s future
good thing had gone so fast

summum bonum
you say it’s nature
nothing is ever lasts

i know
i know why
why you leave me baby
don’t leave me behind again

i can’t hear your answer through the air
i won’t cry
at least i tried

feeling alone again
love is the losing game
the game i should never play

all the good time we had
nothing would be the same
now i’m the lonely man
naturally once again

dreaming all the time
dreaming all the time
i hold your hand everyday
you tell me not to worry again
together go home
summum bonum is good time with you and i

have no place to go
cause i love you so
don’t let me fall
yeah, baby i pray for the future
may the grace in your nature
make you come home
summum bonum is good time with you and i

have a place to go
if you love me so
you could have it all
but i know it’s gonna be the future
all you would say: “it’s nature.”
you never come home
summum bonum was good time with you