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sunshine anderson – lie to kick it lyrics


“lie to kick it”

you ain’t gotta lie to kick it
you ain’t gotta lie to kick it

oooo, where should i begin?
i talked to a girl that said she’s your friend
and that she thinks she knows you a little bit more than me
and by saying that i asked her what did she mean
(you gave your word) said you didn’t even have no kids
(i learned through her) you got 3 but 2 for sure is his
(you told me) your job was investment real estate
(i found out) you got caught up moving weight upstate
so then i guess that makes you a convicted felon
so tell me what the h-ll houses you buying and selling
why do you lie, you asked me to trust in you?
but i don’t

you ain’t gotta lie to kick it (you ain’t gotta lie)
you ain’t gotta lie to kick it (but you do it anyway now)

you said you and your baby mama was over
now i learned, you still paying the note on the rover
i coulda sworn you said you live by yourself
but ya live-in girl exposed your world
(i bet you wonder) how the h-ll she got my number
(you called from the home phone) and forgot to block my number
why do you lie when you expect me to trust in you?

[chorus with ad libs]

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