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supercoolrapking – the high party lyrics


[verse 1: supercoolrapking]
i don’t actually smoke weed
i just smoke your grandma’s ashes
b+tches getting slapped
and i have some matches
pour your house with gasoline
cause you didn’t give me my trick+or+treat
now i’m gonna break your husband’s glasses
famous women can’t rap, all they have is big asses
that’s why we should give the fame to a lady who doesn’t care about big asses
oh, oh
i forgot we only cared about wh0res
oh, oh
now i’m gonna score
oh, oh
i forgot we can’t rap anymore, we just mumble sh+t
smack people with glasses and sh+t
y’all can only make a hit
if there’s a big+ass lady with a big+ass b+tch
y’all havе to be g+y
just so you can get fame and say “yay!”
i don’t givе a f+ck if you g+y
just don’t do it for fame
we all know you just want to be different
that’s why no man has a d+ck anymore
if you didn’t want to be different
men would have a d+ck some more
dissing while being funny is challenging
it’s almost like that time i deepthroated a b+tch with some f+cking icing
b+tch, this is the high party
i don’t give a f+ck about what i say, i’m not sorry
you want this santa to be jolly?
i sent abe lincoln to a play, he still hasn’t called me
i just went to the hospital with some avengers to take care of me
now this is the end for me
[verse 2: shaboom]
and now it’s the birth of me
i got get away from these hoes
gotta stay with my bros
i f+cked every granny in my neighborhood i’m catching bodies like an onlyfans model
gotta get my bottle
i f+cked her, she can’t even walk correctly, she can only waddle
this is the high party
i be getting cash, monopoly
i made this beat, i gotta show off
get off my lawn, i mow off
give me head under the sheets
while i kiss your feet, b+tch

(instrumental outro)

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