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superfly – (you make me feel like) a natural woman lyrics


looking out on the morning rain
i used to feel so uninspired
and when i knew i had to face another day
lord it made me feel so tired.
before the day i met you
life was so unkind
you’re the key to my piece of mind
cause you make me feel
you make me feel
you make me feel like a natural woman (woman)
when my soul was in the lost and found

i didnt know just what was wrong with me
till your kiss helped me name it.
now im no longer doubtful of what im living for
and if i make you happy i dont need to do more
ohh baby what ya done to me (whatcha done to me)
made me feel so good inside (good inside)
and i just wanna be (wanna be)
close to you you make me feel so alive
chorus (repeat till fade out)