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sur5ill – orange aura freestyle lyrics


(uh) this a freestyle
thousandths of a cent
shrouded in a cl!ck
starving artists
drowning in their debts
never felt more of an urge
to disrespect a new yorker
who deflects from reporters
how his face get so orange?
never seen that at a sephora
and the executive orders
claim they’re protecting our borders
from who? the threat of senoras??
yay married, no children
base model with the flow built-in
beige, goggles and i’m so brilliant
apostle, wallet holds williams
i went from public school
to private school to learn those tyrants’ rules
sent me back to public
travel the earth like i’m attached to sputnik
it’s a cash grab when my track is published
“smug life” is the tat on stomachs
that i always wanted
i’m going to the ship and i p-ss columbus
she squirts, that ain’t chickpea–ask the hummus
n-gga y’all don’t get it
kingsford drips on the charcoal, lit it
i ball out, all those yards from scrimmage
and if i blow then we all go get it: the bag
these london hoes all want to sh-g
unb-tton clothes, tossing the flag
if both your t-ts fall and they sag
i was first down, now it’s a drag (uh)
get out-rapped by a geek in his thirties
i’m a greek god i’m hermes
y’all ain’t on par, i tweet out my birdie
i just need a couple hits and i’ll leave in a hurry
i’m… dibiase to your virgil
see me in parliament with churchill
he keeps n-z-s in his circle
tweet beef–notched it in his journal
​spin the mint and the ice in my mojito
couldn’t catch a buzz if you tried to find mosquitoes
and i cherish puns like i’m idolizing rios
album almost done once it’s finalized, i g-o
chicken, jalapenos, guac in my burrito
red carpet rolled out, i’m buying a tuxedo
i’m swimming in these women, lycra in my speedos
shout out to everyone who’s fighting through the chemo
i’m f-ckin sick, i barf ebola
my career has a higher arc than noah
i used to sow my oats
my ex was in the middle of it like
microsoft’s controller
are we discreet?
i donated to harvey relief
broad wore heels to walk through the streets
rob de niro–you talking to me?
n-gga this here is a brain dump
don’t like -ss if it ain’t plump
it’s a mindset, i’ma stay young
like swag p, need a pay bump
in a great sum, cuz i make crumbs
school of hard knocks, i’m an alum
snare, reverb and the b-ss drum
with success, watch the hate come