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surf – midas touch lyrics


i could use a blunt or two im high as f+ck
everything i touch is gold midas touch
talking down on me my shooter light him up

i just spent like two grand on these dior pants
i can’t even think about my life where i could be your man
i was off a tab flying around i felt like peter pan
she think she the baddest human p+ssy pink like k!lla cam

i can make it girls gone wild got it all on cam
i know imma lie to the judge if im on the stand
my new b+tch from dubai she got straps she the taliban
crushed diamonds in my chain turn this b+tch into a avalanche

i just want a new mclaren tryna drift into my driveway
we shut down the highway imma do it my way
imma come up with my gang whatever i get i split it five ways
i got a b+tch that do astrology she said my future bright aye

i need some pure molly
money like gee golly
talking down you ain’t bout it
i’m on good narcotics
make her move robotic
that’s not even her body
blowing on kush i need me a nap
i’m too official i need me an app
she blowing my phone like “where are you at?”
i’m hitting that b+tch like give me a bat
im cutting her off like give me an axe
her attitude bad she giving me sass
he sending them shots im sending them back
its still f+ck twelve im spitting them facts

last year my n+gga died on me
last year my b+tch cried on me
whole lotta n+ggas wanna lie on me
but can’t n0body make ties with

i beat that n+gga and fade to black
one day you gon take me back
hope that he dont make me mad
red beam on his yankee hat

call me now its really urgent
need a rug make it persian
they’ve been watching all my earnings
i’ve been honest i’ve been earnest

my b+tch bad she need a birkin
i should stop all of this splurging
she selling p+ssy like a merchant
she gon shake it like she nervous
i just had to make a purchase
she ain’t leaving till the morning
tryna show me that she worth it
i don’t care cause i ain’t scoring

too many hoes too many foreigns
new v12 that sh+t roaring
you can tell i be rolling
i be high i be soaring

dont be f+cking up the motion
baby girl just be open
i just mixed this codeine in this fanta making purple potion

im sipping lean this mdma gon help me live in the moment
the lsd makes you question life babygirl dont it?