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swans – oxygen lyrics


[verse 1]
[?] luchen
oxygen, amen
oxygen, amen
i can breathe again
i can breathe again
oxygen, i come in, come in
oxygen, i am coming

[verse 2]
black oil smoke
thick blue sky
dead red eye
hear me cry
eat my throat
feed my mind
yellow eye: feel me cry
take me now
peel my skin
scr-pe my vein
seal me in
break my bones
dance and spin
cut a hole
feed me now!
i’ll steal all the oxygen!
la la la la luh luh luh luh luh

[verse 3]
hey there
dog man!
woof woof woof woof woof!
now i drink from your bowl, h-llo!
ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff!
hey there
mr skull
i’m not scared
of your cull
oxygen, oxygen
skin tight, skin tight
brick house, brick house
oxygen! amen! oxygen! amen!
breathe in! breathe in!