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sway in the morning – hs87freestyle on sway in the morning lyrics



[beat 1 : bmac the queen]
look, y’all want me to freestyle
but you know my rent due
i don’t like these rappers and sh-t
it’s feelin’ like middle school
and i’m the only kid that’s in the building that’s gon’ keep it true
it’s cool that you’re coolin’ on
but ain’t on this fluid dawg
and you ain’t speakin’ that real life in the music song
these women and benjamins just admit that you fool us all
cause in reality you by the pool with some boomers on
so do us a favor y’all look
get out the way and let us win a preach
hold up [?]
creapin’ up on my body won’t you let me be
i heard you like to suck here’s my energy
the only remedy i know, get a pen write a song
look, and i’m tryna forgive the people that hurt me
but i know that they gon’ hate us, see me [?]
cause i am the power, i am the courage
i am the people, don’t you ever get discouraged
i am the reason that somebody gettin’ nervous
like god d-mn my n-gga i’m just tryna serve my purpose
you ain’t gotta close the door on me
just let me in and let my [?] eat
everything 100 over here you get a lot of me
i done cried so many f-cking tears its gettin’ hard to see
1000 miles and running for that money, callus on my feet
i swear so much to say will they ever listen ?
if i don’t pay the price for fame, will they pay attention ?
if i say f-ck social media, will i get a mention ?
if female rappers sucks to me, is that considered dissing ?
if i don’t pay my rent on time, will i get evicted ?
if i don’t get the proper shine you gone be a victim
oh i know !

[beat 2 : kent m$ney]
kent money w-ssup baby
look, look, check me out
i used to kick calls without a scratch n-gga
i’m tryna move another patch fingerprint
probly never touch the [?]
i gotta come up
[?] the n-gga he wanna run up
i’m with with my boys
in my squad we got the toys
yeah i’m freestylin’
we wildin’ out on the island in new york sh-t
n-ggas don’t boss, we just fork sh-t, we eatin’ now
n-ggas just see us and they leavin’ now
cause they just see it’s commin’ up now we speakin’ now
and everybody around me be a gangsta
and i don’t really f-ck with f-ckboys and pranksters
and i don’t really f-ck with all them f-ckin’ [?]
my n-gga 50 cent remixed my sh-t that’s so gangsta
i swear god d-mn i’m rappin’, god d-mn i’m snappin’
i ain’t gotta think about sh-t i stay coppin’
god d-mn i been waiting for this a whole long time
my n-gga sway lookin’ at me now i’m gon’ shine

[beat 3 :] second straight
tc ! (rip tc)
okay, yeah, yeah, okay
hs is my clique bruh
money long it’s like 6 trucks
n-gga claim and they get buss
broke as f-ck and we fixed up
tell you b-tch pick her lip up
she look again and she gettin’ f-cked
i wish a n-gga would slap him like [?]
gold chain like tc
[?] you couldn’t be me
send her b-tch in her 10th feet
bring it back like a rapey
n-ggas know that i do this
ridin’ round with my new b-tch

[beat 4 : b carr]
this just sound like some indian sh-t
in new york i need an indian b-tch
smokin’ up some gangsta sh-t
i’m in new york with sway and sh-t
f-ck it, let me catch this beat my n-gga
yeah, yeah, yeah
f-ck it! i’m on my westside g sh-t
i told 50 to pull up my n-gga
he tried to remixed and i said pull up my n-gga
yeah, yeah, i’m grindin’ my whole life n-gga
f-ck it i ain’t tryna have no wife n-gga
i gotta slow it down, them n-gga kinda nervous but f-ck it
yeah i’m in a hood on [?] but f-ck it
n-gga i’m a the liquor store posted up
n-ggas know me i’m b.carr and i don’t give a f-ck
n-gga we back up on that 90 sh-t
i’m off the top of my head n-gga i’m grammy b-tch
n-gga i’m might f-ck around and rob this sh-t
but my n-gga tolds me chill…

[beat 5 : big hit]
yeah, freestyle, oh sh-t
i don’t do that sh-t, but f-ck it my n-gga
ain’t no rythme n-gga, know what i’m talkin’ bout
big hit n-gga, n-gga i’m big hit comming through
talkin’ big sh-t, on some serious xm radio sh-t
i’m with my n-gga sway
we commin’ through everyday for the westside homie
yeah, yeah
i’m the one that they talkin’ about
they be talkin’ a lot, how i walked to the top
homie on the beat imma 3 times felon
get a stretch violated, now i’m on for fresh one
not a freshman or a senior, how they graduated
most hated but all, all them glad b-tches glad i maded it

[beat 6 : audio push]
we the plug on itunes right now
go get we the plug now
f-ck around we gon’ shut down
any beat hit-boy play mp3 away
either way my n-gga we finna bring the k
that mean shots to your n-ggas don’t peace
hit ’em in the head i’m gone peace
uh, my n-gga city gone rip
f-ck, i can’t believe they take my f-cking peeps
now i’m in this motherf-cker all white with shades on
don’t think that i’m hollywood i’m high get my blaze on
yeah i got my motherf-ckin’ sh-t yeah i sp-ce on
this here feelin’ like some f-ckin’ just [?] on
n-ggas know how we get down, n-gga this that hit-boy sh-t
ya n-ggas know how them hit boys get
uh, we the plug n-gga we all in this motherf-cker
we don’t care about no n-gga we gon’ bring…

yeah yeah, yeah yeah
i need the whole squad
who the plug ? (we the plug)
who the plug ? (we the plug)
who the plug ? (we the plug)
who the plug ? (we the plug)
alright i’m oktane let me gon’ do it when it drop
i’m oktane you know ima do it keep it hot i got
hit on my right i got
price on my left i got
my clique with me and you know my clique the best
so that mean everybody rockin’ that mean everybody jackin’
that mean if i start rockin’ ain’t no stop when i got it
cause you know i got it right up in my f-cking right pocket
and if anybody got it get ’em check right got it

get ’em check so quick
you know we bring the weather [?]
pops got the beat like heavy [?]
i bring it here n-ggas already know that we oldschool like leather
ya n-ggas ain’t this clique
ya gon’ get that sh-t on itunes right now
ya know we used to write right raps in my room
but we need some other sh-t, some bounce sh-t
f-ck it i told ya n-ggas we about this

[beat 7 : audio push]
give me the bounce you wanna stay in line here
hold on
yeah you wanna stay in line there
i’m oktane you know the boy ’bout to rhyme clear
you know it’s me i get busy when i rhyme here
hs87 even drizzy when the sun here
n-gga let’s get it
we out here and we rippin’
and know that we be gettin’
every dollar every cent
if you want it come and get some
whenever you want when i spit
i got it, i get it this lit

hs87 i suggest y’all respect the movement
only n-ggas that brought back that g-unit reunion
f-ck with ya lungs my n-gga f-ck what ya doin’
ya got no influence, ya n-gga don’t ruin
the whole f-cking game ya droppin’ i jump
my n-ggas jumpin’ that sh-t that sellin’ out the trunk
that all master p no limit sh-t, no gimmick sh-t
f-ck that dancing sh-t ya talkin’ on
this ain’t scrimmage b-tch

cause they screamin’ that’s the real game
ya n-ggas real lame
that’s okt and i’m the real [?] both names
both me n-ggas both me, i am mostly
ghostly than me you can’t see me in the 2-3

it’s was bmac it was b.carr, kent m$ney and then
it was big pops it was hit-boy we came here and steal the show
shade 45 we keep that 45 like
n-gga ya already know when it come we bring it live sh-t

hold on, hold on, bring it live
you can’t forget cas on that -ss
when i blast keep ’em fast
if you ain’t first you last [?]
n-ggas know exactly how i do when i get it shawty
i’m out here and i’m with it shawty
my people with me and we get it poppin’
and anybody that want it get some
get you some i’m oktane
they say oktane well spit
well ima spit you some
everybody that know it
keep they head [?]
we gon’ squeeze it ’till it takes break

[beat 8 : audio]
hs87 we the plug
(gl-sses on, that’s alright
i just woke up not too long ago that’s alright, let’s get it)
man we crakin’ like broke iphone screens
i came up in this b-tch with the whole team
no jeans i got shorts on
i came to get my sh-t crackin’
i ball like this sports on
you watch like this sports on okay
do my sh-t i bring heat like the play offs
but the spurs gon’ win
i don’t care what you n-ggas say to the boy uh
cause my n-ggas ain’t in
ya n-ggas ain’t in
ya just nerve with the sh-t
my n-ggas flip f-ckin’ words with the sh-t
on the block we flip a verse with this sh-t
big -ss bricks n-ggas know what it is

even if they wanna flip the birds
ima flip the words and do exactly how i do
everybody know exactly what i do when i get it
and you know that’s me and it’s my crew
my n-ggas is commin’ in and we in here
i’m givin’ n-ggas new flow off the top
and everybody that want it with me
you can come and get it n-gga we off the block

i said i’m walkin’ on this ho
i got my lean on 2 hunnid b-tch
if i got the beat you turn it on i’m finna run it quick
i ain’t talkin’ [?] i be talkin’ morse code
you can’t understand this sh-t don’t think that i planned it
you can’t..

you can’t understand it
i got outside i kickflip i land it
that’s just how i do
god d-mnit, i am the n-gga i am the dude
i am the sh-t i am the poo
i am oktane my n-ggas call me juju
uh, this how it go
look, let me…

[verse 9 : b mac]
look, look
n-ggas ain’t never have none (none)
all i really want is the money (money)
show me where’s that in the comment (comment)
now it’s started no stop just run it
mama said i gotta be patient
overtime i got tire of the waitin’
overtime on the job i was hatin’
swear to god it i grind ima make it
now my name is all the way
all over the state
[?] the wannabe down but it’s way too late
when you down when i didn’t have sh-t but a zip
i was tryna flip but i need a weep
no offence but you gotta tip, you can’t sit right there
[?] around here
yeah h-lla swag i’m saucy
don’t you try to pause me
look who’s takin’ over (plug)
benz i never [?]
tryna get like oprah my [?] don’t need no chauffer
i just make that right on [?]
i’m mobbin’ down in compton
and i don’t do that often tryna stay away from cops
boppers all over my brothers (yeah)
they say that they love us (yeah)
that’s to all you suckers i don’t see you motherf-ckers
look, sway to the right (right)
lookin’ at me [?]
bmac super nice

[price ]
look we got sway to the right (yeah)
don’t ya make that left (yeah)
[?] on my left hs87 we the best
hit-boy got the coldest beats
playin’ them sh-t it’s bout a thousand of ’em
i don’t give a f-ck what ya say
i do my sh-t b-tch i be wildin’ on ’em
shine on ’em thought i told you
and i ain’t talkin’ bout [?] on your lips
i step in this f-ckin’ ho
and i do my thang price in this b-tch
beenie on, gl-sses too, shades on, dre beats
all i do is talk my sh-t, drink tea

talkin’ on my sh-t, from state to state (n-gga)
you would never believe hs87 they still hate
i don’t know what it is, i don’t what it is
we them young n-ggas trynna get the grip
and then we get the grip, you can’t rep this seat
you can’ spit this sh-t, you can’t do this sh-t
i’m oktane baby i do it (do it)
that mean i really do it (yeah)
like nike i just do it (yeah)
this sh-t so fluid (uh)
everybody wanna get it i thinkin’
this sh-t fluid and i think ima drink it
drank it, now my n-gga do it

[beat 9 : audio push]
where i’m from, when n-ggas used to be in middle school
thugin’ (i’m get a lil one, now let’s get it)
middle school (tell our story)
alright i gotta tell ya what happened (tell our story, tell our story)
middle school, sixth grade gettin’ heavy
people say that they was ready
we go on a mission n-gga don’t do it study
them n-ggas got money on them so be ready
i said “cool” f-ckin’ sh-t we on ’em
me and f-ck it we finna bring it to ’em
i got pops with me he be on his blood sh-t
either way it’s all love sh-t
cripin’ on you know we always sittin’ on our thug sh-t
either way it go my n-ggas finna come, snub sh-t
[?] shot, leave ’em over there, layin’ gone
f-ck ’em tho, i ain’t really trippin’ leaving home
we f-ckin’ goin back to the p-wn shop
p-wnin’ everything that they got
chains whatever it is, give me cash i need it now
need it hot, f-ck what ya talkin’ bout, b-tch we got it rock

yeah we got it rock you goin’ get it
i’m in the parking lot, i’m in the parking lot
up in the truck like f-ck these n-gga taking for ever
to p-wn all this bullsh-t d-mn
let me get it, i got it, i got it, i get it, goin’ ham
and this is where i stand i’m the man in the land
and people been knew that, been knew that
i [?] these n-ggas they blue black
we at the p-wn shop it don’t stop
if we at the p-wn shop let’s pull up and get some [?], it’s hot
and n-gga know exactly what it is up on the block
it’s cali n-ggas in the valley
n-ggas just know how we got it poppin’
we got it poppin’ don’t get it stoppin’
this price and ok and that’s
and if you want something from us then that’s n-o
and everybody want it from us they can’t get sh-t from us
it’s hs87 n-gga

[beat 10]
we the plug (who the plug)
we the plug (who the plug)
(8 bars)

okay (!)

don’t no deserve all of these diamonds
ten bad b-tches surrendin’ me and they wildin’
i done pay dues, i’m still drivin check the [?]
tryna tear me down and they wonder how i’m still smilin’-
[ hit-boy (bmac)]
l don’t not deserve it (don’t not deserve it al)
l don’t not deserve it (don’t not deserve it al)
l don’t not deserve it (don’t not deserve it al)
l don’t not deserve it (don’t not deserve it al)

don’t no deserve it all, yes
young n-gga got a ball, hs
to the death of me
my n-ggas gon’ rep for me
my n-ggas gon’ go up
n-gga trip, direspect we gon’ go nuts
n-ggas know my clique
.. talk fast.. f-ck this..… n0body stand tho…

[kent m$ney]
kent money look
young n-ggas gettin’ great now
mo’f-cka finna skate now
with the motherf-cker tap down
mo’f-ckers wanna shoot us

[big hit]
(big hit w-ssup w-ssup)
homie, homie, homie
hatin’ everyday different b-tches screamin’ “wife me”
police to sheisty
in the court room d-a’s wanna three strike me
[?] the k!ller wanna fight me
smile on my face but them suckers wanna bite me