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swirl season – conspiracies pt. ii lyrics


“i got a bad feeling about this.”
yeah [x16]

i get a call on my phone i’m like “who dis?”
swirl like, “nxgga, you know who! is you ready to do dis?
‘cause we down bad!”

swirl season:
he talked to me. he ready for war. we said we baghdad
not checkin’ how much money my account has

i grab my bag. we gotta go
hit yo lights. pull in the sto
switch yo whips. gotta know yo role
i’ll crease a nxgga like a center+fold

swirl season:
in my zone! no invaders in my home!
talkin’ through a prison phone!..

ch! ch! we ain’t comin’ home?!
nxgga, bet!
swirl season:
i heard he owned a private jet!

i heard he flew out to quebec!
it’s now or never nxg, i’m tryna clear this debt!

swirl season:
i mean.. it ain’t even like that
‘cause we can track his flight back
i’m sure he’s on the right path
just type it in the flight app. (we got him!)

let’s try to stay on the right path
‘cause if this shxt go left a nxgga not gon’ get his life back
gon’ be disarmed and flight+jacked!

swirl season:
just take his fortune and tell ‘em it’s unfortunate!
‘cause we just came in scortchin’ shxt!
and we don’t believe in torture

but fxck it! let’s just torch this shxt!
x ‘em all! abortionist!
swirl season:
miscarriage like a horse n’ shxt!
but you just can’t keep forcin’ it!

we spent that block! we orbit it!
swirl just got the coordinates!
told ‘em leave ‘em hangin’ ornaments!
if they don’t give it, we forcin’ it!

swirl season:
just put on these black forces
his skin might turn to porcelain
don’t poison him, be poised
if shxt go down, we still boys!

and if it don’t, our bond’s destroyed!
i shook his hand, he tried to ignore it
i can feel he feelin’ void
if it don’t work in my favor, i’ma leave him unemployed!

swirl season:
just bob and weave like you floyd
and did you read the tabloids?
just took a flight to dubai
but we landed in dubois
i led the battle like i’m troy
i bob and weave just like i’m roy
i want my half just like divorce!
“ay yo, swirl, what was that noise?”

swirl season:
from illinois to detroit
i think we ain’t got no choice
“ay yo, go and grab the pistol
i think i heard a voice”

and we got 5+9’s like we royce
but i’m not tryna get off course
so i jumped up out the window
and shoot until its horse

swirl season:
and grab the keys to the porsche
if you don’t have the remorse
before you go hide the corpse
first, you cut it into fourths

i took a sip up out the fifth
how many bags? i’m countin’ six!
i’m lookin’ at swirl, he lookin’ at me
next nxgga you know, we uppin’ our sticks!……

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