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swoope – wlak lyrics


[intro: swoope]
yeah, we live as kings
with the living king
yeah, we live as kings

[verse 1: swoope]
we’re comfortable to share in his glory along with some other things
it’s only right to share with jesus christ in his sufferings
suffer well, as a co-heir
even if you suffer h-ll knowin’ you ain’t goin’ there
got the spirit of sonship, we’re sayin’ abba
and sin where we once lived, we’re sayin’ bye-bye
was once inglorious b-st-rds
but we’ll be in glorious baskers

[hook: swoope]
if we go through the pain with him, pain with him
then we, we gon’ reign with him, reign with him
the saying is no pain, no gain
but it’s really no pain, no reign
oh, yeah, we live as kings
oh, yeah, with the living king

[verse 2: sho baraka]
the most excellent offering is all things
given often to the majestic offspring
exalt him, humbled hearts and bowed necks
it’s high livin’ and we ain’t left the ground yet
this is food for thought, fed by my lyrics
scripture controls my pencil i’m led by the spirit
redeeming the world that became ugly
when the sky cracks above me every tribe and country will be doin’ the dougie

[verse 3: christon gray]
slow step stride and to the tune of the pride of life
like sheep led to the slaughter, delilah’s daughters
and sons of baal, worshipping their man-made altars
money made the man turn monster, not us
christ the king will always be our mantra
arrow on that narrow road just tyrin’ to keep my posture
the kingdom sufferin’ violence, still
but greater is the king that’s inside us, kneel


[verse 4: alex faith]
it’s much more than purple robes and gold rings
but a crown of th-rns cuz life is a short dream
grindin’ then we die, until we reign from high
we endure the pain and then we meet him in the sky
i’m just another stone in the crown of a king
reigning, we’re slaves freed, before the throne sing
this is stuff from dreams i can’t believe in what i see
he only gave us crowns so we can put ’em at his feet

yeah, we live as kings
with the living king