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sxuuly – ​​dirty chucks lyrics


me, and my n+ggas runnin’ sh+t like mrs. tubman
and, my b+tch just got me a world’s best n+gga mug, man
she swing on me like black widow, so i just shot her husband
coulda’ been a teacher, why you gotta’ be a thug, man?
stack ya’ bucks man, i said s+s+stack ya’ bucks, man

[verse 1]
my gun, hide under the rug like a bug, man
what you think yo’ b+tch doin’ at the club, man?
mama upset, think i’m off a substance
i be geeked, man, but i don’t do no drugs, man
for some jumpmans, turn him to a jumpman
wit’ my wubs man, wit’ my wubby wubs, man
wit’ my thugs man, boolin’ wit’ my thugs, man
my b+tch bad as h+ll, wit’ her dirty chucks, man
and she hit the gym, workin’ on her b+tt, man
n+ggas clucks man, yeah, n+ggas cucks, man
and what duwap say? he want a lady thug, man
yeah, my b+tch thicker than a ladybug, man
in the 76, i’m wit’ 80 thugs, man
in the ‘raq, with a ‘zooka get you grub’ man
my bazooka bigger than a submarine
we gon’ hit that boy, wit’ a submachine

[verse 2]
let me catch megan, i’ma shoot her in the hoovеs, man
screamin’ free my n+ggas ’til the keys is in thе cuffs, man
i might bend ya’ block, like my name was toff, man
might air out ya’ top, like my name was aang, man
you ain’t gang man, you are just a g+y man
we might hang man, like i’m bad at hangman
couldn’t hit my teacher, so i went and hit the sub, man
they can’t cancel me, i never gave a f+ck, man
f+ck, man