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​syrealugly – chaingang freestyle lyrics


i’m banging this b+tch on one knee
healthy ass n+gga, i’m smoking this tree, i’m in the trap where you do not be
play with the gang, that n+gga deceased, f+ck that ho ’cause she’s a treesh
i’m a dog, don’t need no leash, run up on him, take his breesh
take his pole, it’s for the free, like a crip, yeah, you gon’ c
n+gga, you know where i be, in the cut, i’m sipping lean
you ain’t f+cking with my team, shoot that switch, that b+tch is green
that ho cannot get a ring, i can’t chase her, f+ck that ho
and i know she f+cked my bro, i got gas, it’s for the low
say you know, but you don’t know, put a tag up on your toe
with your b+tch, she kissing d+ck like it was the mistletoe
bullets hit him in his fro’, in the stu, i’m in the yo
we gon’ spin like drop that lo, f+ckеd that ho, you stooping low
i’m in all black, sy the crow, i been balling like a pro
you my brother, wе grow, you my ho’, then watch you glow
b+tch, i’m posted with the gang, hang with them, we make you hang
this dior and helmut lang, get the bread, i get the grain
take your ho, then run a train, up the chop, i let it sang
masked up, no bruce wayne, kick your door, sy liu kang
f+cking your ho in balmain, i been balling all game
how you broke? you gang bang, free cuz out the chain gang

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