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t-ba$ – harrison ford lyrics


[produced by beatsmastaht]

[hook: sebastian allen]
harrison ford
i’m on that harrison ford
goin’ solo
like i’m harrison ford
harrison ford
i’m on that harrison ford
goin’ solo
like i’m harrison ford

[beatsmastaht] show ’em what you got ba$$!

[verse 1: sebastian allen]
yeah i don’t put the t in t-ba$$
but i put the d right in yo girl’s -ss
giving me motörhead in public like no cl-ss
you’re probably less useless than crabgr-ss
my bombs hit like miguel cabrera
and i make yo girl drier than the sahara
should’ve heard of me like santa clara
when were you born?
before common era?
f-ck around with a rappin’ -ss rapper
dressed like dan cause i look too dapper
anything you can do i can do badder
my mouth k!lls like a poisonous adder
watch this
gudda gudda, gouda, buddah, king kunta
i’m buzzing because a feature
i’m a beast not blue, but i like mystique too
and ima give the mic to q on queue to show you

[hook: sebastian allen refrain]
[beatsmastaht] cue the squid!
[q the squid] yo!

[verse 2: q the squid]
backpack strapped got a bag full of rap quotes
pen’s flow don’t know where the caps go
burn hands with the words that i handle
palms drop bombs, get smacked in a battle
ain’t no competition they’re living inverted 9 feet deep
in the dirt so my work’s getting grimy
i be standing on the caskets p-ssing mixtapes
to your fam, d-mn this kid’s great
grind on your grandma, she loving the grammar
moving her hips with a hand on my hammer
nasty boy, have the noise of a loud pack
been about rap since outkast had found fans
outside of georgia, i floor the executives and presidents and people
that you think are important but ain’t shit but ties and bucks trying to control us

[bridge 1: q the squid]
chicano psycho spit the pills and call an audible
i’ve been off my cycle since i left the mental hospital
not a model citizen, they took away my innocence
fire in the chest, living in the sinner’s nest

[hook: sebastian allen refrain]
[beatsmastaht] yah! (*scratching*) aw, aw, aw yeah!

[verse 3: beatsmastaht]
i got a two door preference
anything mclaren would probably be the reference
and i don’t even care if you say your girl’s breathless
cause i don’t need women to make a freaking entrance
i don’t need an expensive jersey to look majestic
and i drop beats to make the party go hectic
people be moving like epileptics
and if you don’t believe me, you’re a skeptic
yes, i might be another half white mc
all u guys care about is logic and drizzy
pay more respect than the funeral of pimp c
back on the 2 pac like the world is against me
i hate to be super cynical like this ain’t the pinnacle
and you rappers be all like this dude’s super minimal
i do the inexplicable
completely metaphysical
y’all be in danger like… mystikal

[hook: sebastian allen refrain]
[beatsmastaht] yo, adawg! do me a favor. k!ll this track please…

[verse 4: adawg]
runnin’ through this town, yeah, i’m sprintin’ with the best
i heard ‘em say wake up, i call ‘em mr. west
mr. west! mr. west! i ain’t even gotta guess
just got back from goldman and they trying to invest
like ay! yeah i’m k!lling the game
like ay! y’all never be the same
running with my woes, not them 209 hoes
dance around the pole like they prayin’ for the rain
mental’s incredible as the galaxy andromeda
image my temperature with an 8-inch thermometer
i’m no longer saying bars as long as a kilometer
i’m not locked up, i ain’t wearing an ankle monitor
now i’m for the fame, i’m actually pretty unpopular
so i’m really intelligent like a f-ckin’ philosopher
thinkin’ up theories bout ya girl but i talk to her
eenie, meenie, miny, mo’ money, mo’ problems

[bridge 2: adawg]
now bow down and respect
you play checkers, i play chess
i’m the plug-in, i connect
you ain’t even worth my breath