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t-daddy stacks – clockwork (remix) lyrics


[verse 1: t-daddy stacks]

uhh, t-daddy stacks
watch your back
check it

go ahead, big head
give me head like lohan, brohan
yo i need no hand
when it comes to the rap
yo i smoke the whole sack
the whole sack?
yeah chump all of the buddha
so who’s the man
with the big backhand
rackin’ like rack rack city
‘bitties’ with the t-tties
i love rack city
and all of my ‘bitties’
get ‘fiddies’ but
i know, you love the candy shop
flip flop, you can hop on the d-ck
feel the pr-ck of a menace
cause i’m sick as venezuela
no doubt, you can try but failin’
bailin’, sailin’ on a boat
without a f-ckin’ sail
so you go nowhere, real f-ckin fast kid
kickin’ rhymes is my p-ss time
my past, word is born
no lyin’ a’int tryin’
but your b-tch loves my sh-t
not my hit but my underground sh-t
i can tell she wants to do the dirty bit
f-ck the black eyed peas boy
i’ll black your eye
yo, my flow stay golden like a rolex
after one text your b-tch be wantin’ more s-x
ah ha ha ha ha!
yeah boy! it’s t-daddy stacks!

[verse 2: joe grizzly]

joe grizzly, baaaybayy

swagger too ill, i shoot to k!ll
i’ve got a big d-ck, bigger shoes to fill
b-tch i’m stressed out, i could use a pill
but i’m afraid that sh-t’ll get abused a lil’
you sleeping with the fishes
better use your gills
i’ve got a bit of money
i could use a mill though
so go and f-ck yourself
with a giant d-ld-

welcome into mr. grizzly’s mind
i can’t guarantee that you’ll like what you find
sh-t moves quick, so don’t get left behind
b-tch, i can’t sleep gotta stay on my grind

stop drop and roll in the toilet
i’m hot sh-t!
you’re never gonna stop me b-tch
i don’t quit
blazing it up in the booth
i’m so lit
everybody’s mind gets f-cked
when i spit
b-tches say “grizzly you’re hot!”
like no sh-t!

climb out of bed, my swagger is turned on
only give head to a freshly mowed lawn
if she doesn’t trim it, i guess i’ll move on
say bye hairy p-ssy, cause grizzly’s gone!

i’ll commit a crime, then i’ll merk the witness
then i’ll hit the gym, gotta work my fitness
go home and f-ck tiger woods’ mistress
go from ho to ho to ho, merry f-cking christmas

it’s go time b-tches, i’m ready to rock
i’ve got your girlfriend, on the head of my c-ck
i should be the president instead of barack
f-ck a condom, my d-ck’s a foot, i’m wearing a sock!

i smacked a b-tch up, for talking too much
i said she can’t speak til’ her stocking is stuffed
she didn’t seem to think one c-ck is enough
so q-bone hurried over now we’re roasting her rough!