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t i – tell ’em i said that lyrics



ay ay ay ay for as long as i remember,
i’ve been telling you all man to pull these n-gg-s resumes.
you better check up on these n-gg-s. these n-gg-s be lying man.
these n-gg-s ain’t really kicking this sh-t they be telling you all man.
they wanna see you all get f-cked up right there man.
keep your eyes on me n-gg- don’t believe what these n-gg-s tell you man
(i’m tryna tell you partner)

you n-gg-s ain’t cool what they rap about
these n-gg-s ain’t do
hear ’em say it but it really ain’t true
you n-gg-s ain’t true
you n-gg-s ain’t really
talking to ’em
don’t be no fool you better take you -ss to school
’cause these n-gg-s ain’t g’s
gangsta’s something these n-gg-s can’t be
what you expect these n-gg-s ain’t me
you n-gg-s ain’t rich
you n-gg-s ain’t really getting bricks
it’s official man you n-gg-s ain’t sh-t
tell ’em i said that!

[verse 1]
he n-gg- lying everytime you hear rhyming
he don’t talk about they diamonds
and how they be out there shining
for the wrap
hey were trapping
tell you all they be at there grinding
and i know they ain’t about that action
i’m telling you i’m gonna ride ’em
they probably try to come in the hood and sell weed
think it’s all good until they run into some real g’s
holla tell us where it is
and i promise we’ll leave
hesitate to saying boy them lamma well squeeze
please pay attention to this part of the bull
one time got robbed got shot got shooked
got a job started rhyming came up with a hook
got a chain and some tats came up with a look
went and made it here
working talk tough in a bull
f-ck the image and perception they never tough as they look
they some mother f-cking suckers
put it on wherever
any real n-gg- know better man these n-gg-s


[verse 2]
you can’t tell
them n-gg-s ain’t surely
get caught with a n-gg- gon’ tell
them n-gg- don’t sell
this you g ain’t gotta put it on a scale
he ask you if it weigh enough just tell ’em yeah
you n-gg- just yell
pull the pistol them n-gg- gon bail
if he got a pistol bet he don’t spray it
they don’t wanna go to jail
and they ain’t no h-ll be walking on sh-lls
gladiator school is you prepared
i can see these n-gg-s scared
gotta problem with me n-gg- just say it
we can play it how you want to play it
better go head
40 pistols will be aimed at your head
all the way down and where your gold leg
jean really on the edge
jean ain’t under suspicion of the feds
you just telling them you is as stead
you never bought us head
what you get behind the mic and just said
the people already know i must say it!


[verse 3]
you d-mn right
these n-gg-s don’t have rights
to rap about the sh-t i did every night
did you win every fight
you ever went to jail for selling white
may barbick and trap same night
your know these n-gg-s lame right
i’m speaking on it cause it ain’t right
n-gg- died i survived i done earned my stripe
went to jail came home
twenty times got it right
but still trying keep for shootin sucker n-gg-s i don’t like
’cause the game feel like the real n-gg-s on strike
this sucker get a deal now he living so shy
you n-gg-s outta sight acting hard lying on they record
know it when you see recognize it don’t respect it
got every right to check ’em when you see ’em in your city
run up on ’em and try ’em but you see that they some b-tches
n-gg-s tell you what they want you to hear
don’t tell me real recognize real eventually they’ll see


ay ay ay ay

down down down [fades until song ends]

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