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t.j. – “you’re highness” lyrics


yall doin the same sh+t
for 2 years
sh+t is predictable
just gimme my money man
n sh+t gon be unpredictable
all that fake evidence
man man man
got some lawyers in heaven
fck ur evidence
all that hate
still pretendin like
ya not eatin from my plate?
still tryna trick me here and there
i dont need no first aid
i know a few people who were stealin
hope ya got my money man
i really dont like to w8
how about ur homeboys man
few people got set up
guess what
ur own boys can
thought i was a f+ckin sn0b
stop tryna f+ck people up man
just go get a f+ckin job
that ain’t my relative
made a 2nd buis
its innovative
got some hitters in heaven
they be protective
n yea
they be active
tryna lie to me
thats a negative
welcome to the fight club
ya got a whole lotta sh+t goin on but
in the future
u ain’t gon meet me ina night club
im gon have security
u do some sh+t
i dont really need to lift a finger
n them guns
might pop
u better respect that
u gon be ina tight spot
few of ya lookin like ya got distracted
all that nasty energy
guess what
it got redirected
made me an outcast
doesnt really matter man
lapped ur asses
even though
im the outcast
i dont give a f+ck about ur colour
u know what
im more focused
on that dollar
ya with ya jewelry n sh+t
ya can’t stop the foolery n sh+t?
never got a girl pregnant mate
get the f+ck outta my finances man
u stagnant mate?
ya better take ur f+ckin hands off my career
when all this sh+t comes out man
ya wanna disappear?
all them games man
ain’t really got time for that
yall better think for urselves
ya better make time for that
ya wanna make decisions for me
destinies got destroyed
left n right
thats precision for me
i can make alotta sh+t happpen
just ina hour
alway got a way out
thats power
told ya man
im gon reverse that tower
big boy loves carrots
like bugs bunny
i ain’t g+y man
i swear
i gotcha movin funny
ain’t no chit chat
ya man
fck ur nonsense
lemme skip that
if i want
i can be the quarter back
u know what
my ancestors said
ya motherf+ckers
ya better give us our quarter back
my sh+t
ya man
i want all of dat

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