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t-lost – #fuckdbangz lyrics


dbangz, dbangz
we got a lot to talk about today
first off, why the h-ll is your name bootyaquarius on psn? you’re a gemini bruh
anyway, let’s get to the meat of this argument
wait, no, i didn’t mean it like that-

please don’t get me started on the way you always speak to me
so much disrespect you’ll lose a lotta friends i guarantee
i p-ss you off? the feeling is mutual
why you dissing meme rap, you also used to be unusual
“my songs are good”, well what about the others?
stuck up on a pedestal abandoning your brothers
you wouldn’t be here without anime tiddies
now you’re calling me out for making the same ditties
i just do what makes me happy and you tried to stop that
giving ultimatums isn’t a good way to block that
“you don’t listen to me” cause we’re in different positions
you got too much money i’m a trying meme musician
you don’t like that label cause you think meme rap is dead
tried to stop me from using it but i went ahead
cause i’m tryna be myself and create a unique image
all that you do now is wear a headband of a village
la back in june invited me to the stu
it was too full so i skated; bit too much to chew
i rode down the sectioned hill and it was way too steep
i almost died but i got off the board with a leap
i’m stuck to the sidewalk and my wrist is h-lla fractured
i can’t help but feel your sympathy felt manufactured
texted you and you didn’t ask anyone to help me
boy you best believe that i’m putting this on the lp
talkin all this sh-t about me and i’m like what about you
i’m just tryna live my life and you put me under review
“why do you make meme rap? that sh-t is h-lla dead”
you may want to consider which song gave you your bread
“why the face tats? they make you ugly”
why’d you post yourself smashing a younger girl smugly
you went to court and got charged and put right up on house arrest
if you got a way to clap back, then please be our guest