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t. witz – hades in my hood lyrics


(this darkness)
(this darkness)
(this darkness)
this darkness it takes over me, this darkness i try to recede from
this darkness it takes over me, this darkness i try to recede from

their just trying to deceive me lying each and every day
but i stay strong to the game mastering each and every play
and even though i’m battling the dark side, i strive for the light
pulling me in both directions, know that i’m ready to fight

can’t beat’em do you join do you learn from it? when you meet’em do you give in do you earn from it? please make the choice or accept that you powerless, plucking rose petals to find you been flowerless, fear who you follow take heed don’t get swallowed the beast is so hungry like nights at apollo
all i wanted was the glory, learned to give that up that there made me tough… all i wanted was to tell my story, keep it real explain to fans how it was, but now i question if it’s for me….elisa says live for the moment witz don’t rush! jason said just give it time and don’t give up!
do you know what i’m tryna do? keep far from autotune, no offense to those who use it but i stay true, hear my voice shreek from the highest of alt-tudes! / everything was different a week ago! never thought id see a demon who said h-llo, catch a friend scheming really who do yah know?! all that to the side like the plot on a sandwich roll, it’ll taint your soul!

lost in your own ways, let me take you where the snow bunnies sunbathe, and the tropic women want a baby both shades, and being fun pays, they spread both legs! you ain’t gotta worry bout the next meal, do play, want a bad b-tch? nah instead want a dublee? sign wit your blood and i’ll fulfill what i do say!!

i love you so much! so give your love as back-pay, i need it i need it, just let me receive it, your species corrupted, and i’ve been abducted to cause self-destruction