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tahj keeton – fuck tahj (extended) lyrics


verse 1:
10 toes down
ima make em pay for every f-cking swing they took

open minds ima read that book
open mines
ima leave yall shook

list of l’s that i know yall took
so its f-ck me
the name in that hook

whats the stakes
and ill be that cook
then i take the plate
like i made look


f-ck tahj, f-ck you, f-ck him
f-ck the world
make the beat my friend

love to hate
wanna see me end
lose my life fo i lose my grip

so f-ck tahj, f-ck you, f-ck him
i repeat then redeem my sins
f-ck the world ion need no friends
f-ck ya words
all i needs my pen

verse 2:

all them talks that you had in paaaast
im screaming
f-ck all that sh-t
remember my yout
when they sat back and laaaaughed
now im dropping dimes on a b-tch
took what i could from they brains
and i raaaaaan
now the sh-t mine in this b-tch
timing n sh-t
out my mind in this sh-t
take height to my pride
til i die in this b-tch

n-gg-s be talking like tahj is so crazy
so lately
a n-gg- the f-ck do i do?
tahj is so goofy and stupid
and lately so ruthless
but u wouldn’t last in my shoes
take my d-ck outta your mouth
and dont worry bout me
trust me i ain’t got nothing to lose

juice told me they’ll never get it
and theyll never win it
til i disapper and
so poof


verse 3:
okay lets talk about n-gg-s thats hating
look,man f-ck all them n-gg-s
they laugh in my face and they b-tch about playing
so i bossed up on them n-gg-s
im immature
and man i’ll never make it
so i grew up on them n-gg-s
no never mentally
watching cartoons
and my cereal cinnamon
video games
and my bejamins
close tv
i feel like a kid again
spinning im spinning
like fidgeting
say that i want some attention
but pay it so
get it
i get it
so menacing
love to hate me
but i bet that you listening
if my name all in yo mouth
or was ever in that sh-t
i guess
that im winning so


all of this hate and this talk
cuz im the only n-gg-
only n-gg- in the premises being a leader
being myself