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tahjee – on time lyrics


the money run while we burn something. n+ggas never come around like a 3rd cousin. since they listened to the flow they done heard something. said it put em in the zone like the score running, learn something
barley tended class so my soul running. had the 90 minute pass that they stole from me. i could never make it last, i always tend to pass, cuz shorty with the ass tend to pass from the back. it’s like, certain things i know i tend to lack
my time want it back hoping time come with class, come on

(on time, on time, yeah.)
only got one job, yo ass make it on time

(baby tell me one time one time yeah.)
n+ggas pushing with rhymes, blue ink real lines

(baby tell me two times, two times.)
had to say it two times…

(baby tell me one time one time yeah.)
and we gone make it on time