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takamachi walk – norowareta night – loop lyrics


[verse 1]
ah they’re cutting into me again
replay the things that always have been said
like a dagger to the heart i’ve ignored it all right from the start

ah if i can’t see it it is gone
my game that had its rules all written wrong
i’ll keep taking one more step hoping time might just forget
the pain we take along

[verse 2]
cut the cord stop the time
let the hopes for our future align

stop repeating everything not good enough no worth to give
i just can’t take any more
stop replaying every scene the times that p-ssed are haunting me
when will they just let me go?

[verse 3]
ah are we not over this quite yet?
you say the things that always have been said
keeping quiet take the blow you turn out to be the same
as everyone

ah when did you lose sight of yourself
to cry to gods that couldn’t understand?
the grip that you keep tightened on your neck
and you won’t let go ‘cause you’re too scared

[verse 4]
break the chains wind up time
let the stars of our future align

stop repeating everything the daggers thrown the scars you hid
when will you cease taking more?
stop replaying every scene and dancing with the pain you’ve seen
will you one day let it go?
i hope so…