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takumoto – 5-10-2024 lyrics


uh, how low are you finna go?
how much are you willing to just put on a show?
but trust i know some things that you didn’t know
and if you think i’m lyin you gotta be slow
for the fame you’re stoopin low
you pushin me away, i’m tryna help you grow
show you that the world is not just wrapped in bows
when you go and pass away where you finna go?
i’ll spread a message i won’t yell
for the fame how much will you go sell yourself?
makin yourself angry, you makin your h+ll
i’m not talkin on no tough sh+t, i’m cryin for help
we know that the devil is a lie
take accountability, why you tryna go deny?
and the media will keep on cookin you until you die
when it’s too late for closure don’t go callin me surprised
this no song it’s a suicide note
and everyone makes mistakes and both you and i know
told you bout a dream i had where the devil tried to take my soul
and you knew i wasn’t playin, and you still laughed like it’s a joke
but i got no hate for you in my bones
ain’t did nothing to you but i heard your moans turn into groans
y’all gon find out when y’all grown
i’d never take another life i’d rather my own
don’t give a f+ck about my life enough to make you feel bad
but if i die i know for a fact that you will feel that
tired of all the fake sh+t yeah i want the real back
got too much demons yeah i needa go and k!ll that
end of the day i’m a man
tried to go tell you my pov and you don’t understand
you’re just a narcissist
tried to put my trust in you and you never did no sh+t
uh, but you i can never hate
can’t look in the mirror cuz i hate my face
this not no problem for you to try to face
yeah you did your all it’s just a tough case
step into reality
your life not always gonna go the way you want
and i tried to go and get you what you want
and no i’d never play no games, i’m not tryna go front
tryna tell you what is wrong so you know what you did
and you only feel sympathetic when i don’t wanna live
tell me what i did to get treated like this
but you always make sh+t bout yourself like you a lil kid
and you the one to try and talk bout manip
like that’s ironic as sh+t
but you still a bad b+tch bout your cash sh+t
and it’s a multitude of problems so it’s not all your fault
but let this go be a lesson cuz you needa go be taught
in all seriousness i’m sorry
no it’s not your fault for all the scars up on my body
but i’m not finna lie
know i’m lovin yall wit everythin but say goodbye

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