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talib kweli – push thru lyrics


push thru
(feat. curren$y & kendrick lamar)

[hook: glensky]
high rises, day breaks
clouds hide the sun’s rays
quick sand and mistakes
smash walls to get through
i fight the good fight
even on the bad days
it’s darkest before light
i’m gonna push through

[verse 1: curren$y]
turbo charged bars
slot cars on tracks, falling off, game stars in these rap wars
ain’t nothing band-aids won’t cover
touring with 7d coverage
live bands, two buses, my own cash
no budget, no major label fundings, jets baby
we went from crawling to walking to running
you can’t see nothing, you under gag order
hopping out of audi’s hurting y’all with kicks, i’m the transporter
think about it, never mind, you ain’t gotta
i’m already on some whole other, word to yo mu’f-ckin’ self
n-body else gon’ do it for ya, n-body else
every now and then someone’ll offer ya help, but they ain’t doing nothing
‘til they really see you tryna do something, i ain’t bluffing
kush puffing on you jive turkeys
stuffing stockings with these gifts
audible applaudables homie take a wiff


[verse 2: talib kweli]
when you a man, action is what’s expected, nothing is spoken on
producer never got time for no excuses, gotta go beyond
my flow is tom-foolery
i smoke these poor rappers so fast they call me [?]
i beautifully exude the vibe that’s free of ambiguity
ya goonery for the sake of goonery is cartoons to me
it’s c–nery, it’s lunacy, let’s make a plan
only way that you hang is attached to a tree
the moon talk to the sea and speak the body language fluently
she make it rain
when i’m on fire, she always try to douse me
only reason that you make it rain is ‘cause your diamonds cloudy
i see you from a mile away when it get overcast
old people feel it in they bones, invade your home like a broken gl-ss
and let myself in, fighting for freedom like the people in tunisia
spread through sudan and egypt, this the music for the movement
the score to your achievements, never join ‘em so you gotta beat ‘em
it’s carpe diem hey (hey) yeah


[verse 3: kendrick lamar]
like kindergarteners
my vision’s bothered by vigilantes that harbor on street corners
try your hardest to harvest bundles of weed on ya
the starving’ll speed on ya, stampede on ya
impede on your pockets then pee on ya
dreams of us living lavish in fabrics of fine linens
spending, established, with women dining and laughing
but this environment got us violent, ready to crash in
to society, take this driver seat, hope you fastened
your seatbelts twice, when i rolled them dice, i cr-pped
so many times i can build casinos from scratch
too many daps you might receive from the things you achieve, relax
that’s what my mental say, but my physical’s been detached, i’m on some other sh-t
like f-ck the government, i’m higher rankings, where’s the mothership?
i made a covenant that i was changing but my luck is bent
quite disgusting when reality tainted, where the f-ck you been?
left him face down like he was planking
in a cold world where old girl and her homeboy got a motive
you can bench curl your tribulations, that sensation’s insulting
got a wifey or a mistress, n-gg- which one you indulging?
regardless of who you pick know life’s a b-tch when you ain’t focused n-gg-
i’m focused