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talk show host – disunion tour lyrics


the clouds were rolling in on waves of apathy
as we waited for the band to take the stage
it started raining when they checked the kick drum
the roadies, once young, now showing their age

another hit of power+chorded energy
another blast of sound to dull the pain
but who is this i see up there before me?
holding a guitar, soaked by the rain?

as we nod our heads in disillusion
we raise our fists in shared
we sing along but don’t know lyrics
we shuffle home and climb in bed
and try to forget

the singer had no t++th, i swear
she looked so close to death
the replacement lead guitarist almost fell right off the ledge
no one played in the same key
and halfway through song #3
the drummer threw his snare into the crowd

a statement issued the next day spoke of the good times passed:
“with our sincere apologies, that show was our last.”