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tater toxx – bike lock lyrics


[verse 1: tater toxx]
tater toxx droppin heat
f-ckin in your b-tch like she a geek
rhymes on fleek, keepin’ it leet
comin inside with a f-ckin booty [?]
i don’t sleep, i just keep
runnin up these racks like a bike lock thief
ooh ooh
f-ck a beat, salami don’t keep
wrists lookin’ like a ice cream machine
placin’ bets on the other team
thots ain’t clean
stayin in keen
wearin’ jeans
lookin mean-green-lean
fourteen-year-old teen, and still clean
you can call me green
prod krip makin’ beats
you can call us a double team
price: ten dollars flat
we pull up with the mat [?]
40k on our back

[verse 2]
antifa a buncha losers
keepin’ it lit, with the luger
roun roun [?] in the cougar
tater toxx is the
lewis gun-
don’t talk to me till i’m number one
don’t have no fun
hit and run and you don’t get anything done

[verse 3]
verse three comin’ in
where your friend
she better be sane
your mens [?]
hate speech ain’t offense
donald trump in office
keepin’ it lit with a go-pro
only way to get with me is a low-blow
all you know how to do is yo-yo
ayyy ooooh

[verse 4]
lookin like a snow cone
lyrics so hot, your f-ckin mind blows
sharpenin’ my blade on a grindstone
i’m actin’ like i’m known
you need to take out a loan
you got nothin’ but bones
drones gettin’ flown
droppin’ bombs on warzones
pew peww veeeww

few more times
tater toxx on that grind
ay ayy brrrr brr brrrr

[verse 5]
exotic b-tches in my crib
tater toxx on the ad-lib
bed is padded, tossin’ her salad
hater credit cards aren’t valid
don’t sound nothin’ like dj khalid
brand expanded cash n vans
while pullin’ up my pants
ayy ooh ayyy

[verse 6]
keepin my [?]
lookin like a grind
i don’t mind
tater toxx was a great find
just in time
ep about to drop
might be a wop
we’ll still make enough to cop

[verse 7]
today was a great day lookin’ to make a k
like a vampire bout to slay
yall lookin’ like prey
i ain’t g-y
put this beat on replay
ridin on united states airways
this beat gonna be lookin’ like d-day gonna be done in a day
ooh ayy

[verse 8 ]
last verse on the beat
hope you took a seat
nice to meet you
nice to greet you
sit down and grab a bite to eat with you
see ya

[outro instrumental]