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taxidermy recital – mythological monsters lyrics


he’s walking through the foresthe doesn’t make a sound
no one ever sees him
just his footprints on the ground

he goes by many names
some people think he’s strange
people find him scary
but he’s just really hairy
all covered in soot
eating spaghetti
she’s swimming in the lake
at half past 8
she’s never been seen
this animal marine
one day she’ll be found

in this giant ness
she’s not a monster
scotland’s her address
want’s to be free
loch ness
is playing chess.
she’s out in the ocean
all by her lonesome
she sings pretty songs
there’s no right or wrong
she’s half fish and girl
wears her pearls
she swims the seven seas
hoping for a breeze
her hair in braids
from j-pan