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tc missez – we bussin lyrics


des hoes be steady popin talkin bout we dont stand a chance dey want dat one on one sayin we can throw dem hands [repeat]
f-k dat shyt chu sayin hoe we aint throwin hand [repeat]
we bussin hoe (ay) [x4]

[verse 1: lucky]
ay im bussin off da rip my hollow tips gon make you flip aint no need for me to work des hands cuz dat tool iz wat chu get we aint throwin hands no mo we makin bodies h-t da flo if you pop den ima buss n have yo -ss leakin hoe.trigga told yo -ss befo we too crucial in da parkin lot so if you test da missez den we shootin up yo block. putin slugs in yo chest n have yo body dropin fast you’ll think des bullets magnets da way dey stickin to yo -ss

[verse 2: kee-kee]
its ben said once befo it aint no need ta ask again yea i told you when i buss des hollow tips iz wat i send cuz dat drama n dat flexin n dat popin aint gon get it n im tired of workin hands i bet des tools get ur attention cuz des hoes aint bout no action dey just flexin like dey wont it actin hard noe wit dey click but six feet under dey be lonley lets make it known dis one be kee-kee aint no time ta conversate cuz once you pop its no dicussion bullets aimin at yo face


[verse 3: redd]
ay im getin tired of throwin hands dis aint wat cha wana see wit dat tool a c-ck it back n buss ur -ss until you leak yal dont want it wit tc n yal dont want it wit des tools yal dont want it wit des hands cuz when i knuck i acts a fool redd aint neva ben no hoe i aint neva ben no snitch i aint neva ben no lame i pops it off on any b-tch if you want it chu can have it tc miseez bout dat action man yal hoes be bout dat flexin so when we buss dis sh-t gets drastic

[verse 4: ci-ce]
from second ave ta glenwood road n-gg- check our logo hollow tips up in da clip will have you screamin oh no t.c. jacket t.c. hat t.c. n-gg-s got our back so if you want it wit our clique you betta show a extra strap n i kno u heard og me its lil cice on da track tryna boost-t on da missez hold up where dey do dat at tc shut da club down for fightin so we tired of buckin we can throw dem hands h-ll naw hoe im bussin