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team solo cup – head nod lyrics


[verse 1: zilla]
tsc this not a joke, no scam artist
we just work the d-mn hardest
we the sh-t, yo man farted
and we can hardly smell it
n-gga we hardly jealous
of your weak bars, wack beats ya better go and shelve it
presley just like elvis
colder then where them elves is
only split it with my team besides that i’m selfish
on probation put the gb away
got some tricks to show you
might just roll up my sleeves today
keepin’ it boro
all black vans so thorough
and i know some hood n-ggas with more arms than goro
that’s mortal kombat
we just hear to bomb rap
like bin laden in a motherf-cking prom hat
spiking the punch n-gga where the f-ck yo prom at?
been home alone for months, where the f-ck my mom at?
cuz the refrigerator empty
thinking bout suicide please n-gga help me
this sh-t is not healthy
and i’m about to catch a heart attack
before i let it go, p-ss it off to artehfact

[verse 2: artehfact]
cl-ss dismissed, rhyme session in session
solo cups erection, up in your girl’s intestine
marks off our checklist, while i’m fisting yo b-tch
that mysterious cl-toris, i’m elbow deep in it
she whiter than sh-t, she head nod on my d-ck while i spit this
we k!lling every track like we running a sprint
smoking a spliff, drunker than sh-t
that’s what we call a hit
(that’s what we call a hit)
your cruisin’, crashed fans
smoking weed from crushed cans
we in the motherlands
smoking weed with other hands
obama yes we can, three wise words from that man
yes we can, yes we can
and i’mma do it like they do it in the movies
f-ck the love, all groupies
the only ones with b00bies
just get em’ roofied
make them feel all goofy
tsc flying high making girls go loopy
my boy zilla’s blasting off 3, 2, 1
he’s the bomb the astronaut

[verse 3: zilla]
driftin’ through the mist
where my mind exist
deep below the dark abyss
still i’m sharking this
great white, take flight, clear the landing strip
take off n-gga, ya man is swift
like taylor
screaming f-ck the haters
jesus christ this kid is nice embrace me as ya savior
verses sharp as razors
shocking n-ggas like tasers
but still got more to prove
p-ssy i got more to bruise
you n-ggas got more to lose
than me
i came in this sh-t with nothing but words
a pocket full of herbs
and a gb with dirty water
instrumentals to salughter
phone numbers from ya daughters
and my pride, team solo cup f-cking president
any other mention on twitter is irrelevant
flow is just so elegant
problem you can’t address, you in the room with a motherf-cking elephant