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tear garden – ascension day lyrics


i tried to find some silence in this shallow sp-ce.
i pushed pillows in my ears – i concealed my face.
no, don’t you even try to catch my eye, it sits frozen in it’s place.
here it’s invitation only… i’m lonely, but i’m forced to say
that i cannot see you now.
yet everywhere i walk i’m crushing something
because i cannot see the stairs.
i’d share my sores with you over coffee,
but the queue’s 1000 years…
and someone stole my badge
and now i’ve lost the right to be here or breathe the air.
it’s not fair, but that’s just the way things are.
and i cannot see you now…
but through it all my princess holds my hand
and -ssures me there’s an island
yet untouched by human hand.
we must simply keep believing
and simply keep our eyes fixed on the morning.
so i threw my pillows to the wind and i waited for my wings…
and you cannot see me now!