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tech n9ne – love me tomorrow lyrics


“love me tomorrow”
(feat. big scoob)

[spoken – tech n9ne]
ya, you might not like some of the things i do, or the things i say,
but guarantee you gonna love me tomorrow. for sho.

she love she love me not
but ill never be all touchy lovey dovey for what he gots
suddenly kissy huggy what is for me the buddy slot
but they callin on me to put it right in the open it could be an ugly stop
shes lookin to be caressed on the reg
fetched on the reg
s-x on the reg
only techs on the bread
with nothin busting percussion and checks on the head
as she huffin and puffin cause wasn’t no tech on the bed
and she don’t like that tech n9ne persona
groupies more groupies for true the be juicy like john bedushi(belushi?)
like the one that do movies
man ay caramba you google me i’m beyond the b–bies and champaignya
b-mbaclot don’t shrug me cause i’m the rapper but again you fonded a slacker who’s been on your love
peace in your honor
just trusting can calm ya
she stoned
now i’m home
but she gon love me maã±ana

[krizz kaliko]
can’t stand to hear my name or see my face
but everytime she does she feels disgraced
but she gon love me tomorrow (love me tomorrow)
love me tomorrow (love me tomorrow) [x3]

[tech n9ne]
what kind of fan are you
just because expanded you (bantered who?) like soft musical (xanadu?)
but i’ll be d-mn if you slander who tech ninna
my crew cannibals ain’t no fan it
you man who do a lot in a jam or two
said i’m a sell out cause i worked with wayne
first your brain need work
you hurt the game
every lyric that blurst put the earth shame
how do we burst to fame if both of our verse the same
we supposed to be different
you know that gifted
cause what we spit
you know that we live it
we grow cause we vivid
you’s a fair weather fan
your predictions will never stand
like you know something better than when i’m chopping
whatever man

i told my fans, that, i told them this years ago.
i said tech will never go mainstream, mainstream will go tech.

[krizz kaliko]
i hear ya saying that i ain’t the same
but in order to grow you know you got to change
but you gon love me tomorrow (love me tomorrow)
love me tomorrow (love me tomorrow) [x3]

[big scoob]
here today but be gone when you blink an eye
constant drinking got you thinking and you about cry
i was forsaken life taken and feel the pain
heart breakin body shakin can you stand the rain
i was a friend of thee but treated like an enemy
but now i’m gone just a portion of your memories
but in your memory remember this vividly
there was no other villain from the hood real as me
from the soil none loyal like the b.i.g.
homie from the show me hope that’s how you ‘member me
and we’ll soon see i ain’t got long to be
on this earth claiming turf running in these streets
i apologize homie look me in my eyes
time to turn the page and be a man and swallow pride
to many homies died before i got to say my piece
so i just said piece and hopin that it brings us peace

[krizz kaliko]
today is gone and i left this place
but i’ll be the sun shining on your face
so just love me tomorrow (love me tomorrow)
love me tomorrow (love me tomorrow) [x3]