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tech n9ne – voicez with judge d lyrics


judge ft tech n9ne – voices

chorus x2
i hear these voices in my head
and they don’t like you
these demons fly around bed
telling me to take your life…

judge d:

i don’t know if it’s the evil in me -cha cha cha cha-
i don’t know if it’s the demon in me -cha cha cha cha-
i don’t know if it’s an angel in the night
telling me that god said you deserve that sh-t take his life
death is easy id rather bring u pain
like your forehead backwards when i carve my name
this ain’t a game -na na-
just the mind of a psychopath
cross regime catch a m-th- f-ckin’ blood bath
we laugh last now you on the run
make peace say your prayers now your time is done
like the wrath of god with the power of the sun
judge d tech n9ne enemies here we comes

chorus x2

tech n9ne:

predators comin to kill
some of us knowin’ it’s real
enemies coming and the will -take every last-
one of us world wide evil and it increases im peepin the sh-t quickly
infects the people in it
cross mine meet deaths design game over
lost time from tech thee n9nes flame thrower
anybody wanna get some
the tech is the place where you spit from
automatic when i rip some -pa pa pa pa-
this one protects the fam from the demon
i’m trying to get these hethons
to dyin’ for what they believe in and fight
lot of decievin’ in life
keep your seed in your sight
stop the enemy today and make em bleed in the night
aaron d. yates if wanna find me
judge d and the regime killaz behind me
fully loaded ill quote it on this killa occasion
death to the enemy and we ready for f-ckin’ home invasion

chorus x2

tech n9ne:
i dunno i dunno i really dunno
i dunno how to i dunno what to do
i don’t really know how to f-ckin’ handle it
hey man what the f-ck you doin’

judge d:

please make them stop
killin’ what i do
-don’t do it main-
payback’s a b-tch and you knew it
-thought you knew if main-
revenge so sweet i can’t taste it my mouth
be scared in the dark when the lights go out -yeah-
the black masked man with the gun in the light
come swift take your life like a reaper in the night
lose side
-tear out your eyes-
you can’t see me
thought scarface was nuts say h-llo to judge d
b-tch please i’ll squeze out your last breath of air
look you dead in the face with a reptile stare
be ware
test me emcee ?i thought that i heard? you wanna play rough
say h-llo to my little friend

chorus x4