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teezyduh – stay schemin’ freestyle lyrics


[intro: t–zyduh] got some sh-t i want to get off my chest
hold up, let me get my thoughts straight

[verse 1: t–zyduh] dear lord, make the pain stop
all this thinking finna make my brain pop
i can only take so much
how far am i gon’ get with no trust?
and my faith never froze up
even at the times when i had no luck
even right now when i got no bucks
even when me & my first love broke up
i hope you bring her back though
i love her, don’t know if she love me back though
if i could just snap my fingers & have a girl appear
she’s who i pick like an afro
and you know i’m being real
only me & you know this how i really feel
i wanna be remembered, never let them forget the trill
tryna make music everybody, in every city feels
tryna change the world, like no other n-gga
and to you non-believers, i ain’t f-ckin’ with ya
but when i’m out in public it’s a
big deal cause even racist people love a n-gga
i’m a bad man
on top is where i stand, afghan
success on my mind, take a cat scan
and i’ll be fine cause i know god got my back man