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​teri – ​scalene freestyle lyrics


b+tch, we stacking bread and got a lot of chips
paycheck came and i bought a zip
came fresher than a box of six canes tenders, i play better than stockton did
96 honda whip with a body kit, a rocketship
stop faking incompetence, i recognize your grift
drone strike your ass like obama did
hoes fight over my eyes’ focus like i was god’s kid
loaded pipe, hold it tight, focused, i don’t wanna die, b+tch
living big, stylin’, b+tch, you switch sides, angles is scalene
feel like billie eilish, b+tch, i’m stylish in my grey t
big in size like james daley
b+tch, i’m breaking backboards likе i’m shaq in the reeboks
make the magic scorе like three+thousand
trapping on them backdoors tryna sn+tch fourteen ounces
i wear black forces, don’t speak ’bout me

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