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terintino – freestyle lyrics


[verse 1: terintino]
i pull up flexing like ain’t got no fucking (?)
you say you balling, boy you can’t even pay your rent
if you flexing with that rollie, i’ll take your shit
posted in the kitchen, whipping up some fucking bricks
nigga you ain’t gang, nigga you a fucking brick
catch me swerving up the traffic, forgis on my shit
call up jusglo, he say he on anything
catch a nigga lacking, boy we gon’ snatch your chain
just flew from houston, just hit up johnny dang
i need about 30 chains and 2 pinky rings
this b-tch all in my dms, she just want me for the fame
but ain’t going like no goofy, ain’t no fucking lame
all black rolls-royce (?) two lanes
smoking tooka with tray savage and he keep the thang
and i’m flexing on these suckers with my balmains
and i’m (?) with my pinky ring

[interlude: justo]
gang gang, glo gang
blood gang
cap gang

[verse 2: justo]
me and tadoe pulled up in that straight
you already know we with the gang
hop out, yeah my jewels go blang blang
just copped the rollie and that b-tch a plain jane
yeah, i’m finna put some diamonds in it
my pinky ring get to shining, nigga
i got this shit off grinding, nigga
rollie gang, it’s perfect timing nigga