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th3 ghost – far he sees lyrics


i go to peemos beach

and watch the leaves float

sipping lean c-ke

dreaming that i’ll make waves

like the steam boat

i see a fisherman paddle his canoe

and i poke fun as i smoke some

sh-t was funny from my view

i ain’t have a clue

that the dude had his dues

for many mouths he provided food

including mine…even if he ain’t waitered for me

i ordered barbecue, the fisherman i hardly knew

might have catered for me

y’all is cheap but this fish ain’t

he prolly sold it at the market for a cheap rate

i bought it for like 3k

yet i’m the one laughing with my fish brain

ain’t that sh-t strange ?

adam fell just because of his bride

humpty fell because of his pride

no matter how high you are

you can fall from the sky

so you gotta stay humble

cos if you look way beyond you

you might see stumble

he’s still in pellyville

he’s a village author

i chalk it all up like a native doctor

cos i ought to

i got a higher purpose

to make my fans treble at the base

right before i take over the states

and i’m all over the place

like a bouncer

hear the announcer

th3 ghost lives here, blows leaves here

in the underground in a plastic chair

yeah we here, yeah he here, yeah he here

lo and behold age is creeping on me

while am chasing hoes

and be sipping on lean

entwined in the high life

will you be forty (ub40)

still sipping red red wine

alb-m taking too long

and now the waiters are giving me tips

my script will burn a disc till it’s crisp

chill i’ll put my blood in a cup

and i’ll give u a sip

if you lend me your ears

i’ll give you my lips

i don’t care the figure i sell

i will walk the path

i don’t care the people that fell

or even if i fail

i’m not a star

i’m the rap god

your soul are systems i created in the sun

with the moon beside me (solar system)

i encode hard flows in scrolls

with barcode go deep you’d find nuggets of gold

before the story gets told

let me tell you where it started

hearts swept across

i had a brush with death…yes

dreams envelope me

i’m eloping on a cruise with penelope

hoping that i get laid

on the cross is where i put my life force

flows dirty it could give you typhoid

my type hard

like a s-x chat

no matter the set back

hear these four words (forward)

never ever step back

better pray that the hate

never resonates yo a knife in the vertebrae

careful where you lay


it’s ground breaking how we broke the ground floor

i’m a ground hog, grind hard grind smart

heavy downpour mind storm

lion heart, i am hard

increase your line of sight

and aim up

came up f-cked the game up

change up e’ry millisecond

test me if you feeling reckless

you needing lessons

i’ll wreck this in a second

the only evidence i left at the scene

was impression

the rest is pestilence

h-ll is listening to how i flow

but the devil tryna hide my glow

and i’m like yo!

even for the devil, that is very low

with trees sprouting from my buried flows

north south east west craving (wes craven)

for my horror flows

i seen your videos with the borrowed hoes(burrowed holes)

go ahead check my history

for 2morrow’s flow

respect ghost….to the overseas rappers

i ain’t looking down on local rappers

but over the seas…i oversees rappers

i sees mcs and that’s it

they ain’t see em (cm) no more

the devil too scared to dance

it’s just me on the floor

please there’s more

got a hold of your handler

an orangutan who’s a wrangler

i’d send him to h-ll

so he can boil in anger

the flow ain’t never stopping

i’m always with a pad writing

excuse my bad writing

i got good intentions

i write what’s right with what’s left

i’m ambidextrous…check this

i’ll cross this beat off my check list

with clenched fist i’ll land my next hit

you listening to the best spit

a new world order

now throw away the past laws

and kick the courts

with my tennis shoes

let this serve as a warning

i’m telling you…i’m a menace to society

you’re scared sh-tless

when you see us play our parts

and d-mn near get a heart attack

like you ain’t come with your heart attached

your heart didn’t fail you bro

you failed your heart

put me in a stage with any dj

and i’ll leave without a scratch

just the fans scratching their head

like it’s full of lice

cos i ain’t up in the stage full of ice

packing their ears full of lies

peace !

am the truth

ama stop raising h-ll

when heaven falls

and that’s like never dog

soon as my song played

she was asking ‘who is that?’

which is why i took her home

and dug her p-ssy cat (dog)

i’ll crash my wagon into your band

cos i ain’t jumping on your band wagon

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