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tha aadity – forged in fire lyrics


“they begin at the gates of h+ll inscribed with ‘abandon all hope he who enters here.'”

betterment betterment betterment
these demons i try to not let em in
i do not choose to do these things
its like i do them in my sleep

loosely lucid in this dream
awareness shifting hurts to see
but im healing what is cursing me
verse by verse perfеcting me

by seeing the reflеction of what is truly me
soon they’ll see my light despite the other versions seen
thank you for your patience with my being in the making

this journey that its taking me on
shaping me strong taking my time healing my mind

cus ive been complacent too long
tryna no too much ended in the wrong
not enough love for myself to put it in song

reflection of my subconscious mind
tryna do too much at one time
“we aren’t better cus we want to be
because the road to h+ll is paved with good intentions
cus all the do+gooders in the world are trouble makers
on the basis of kindly let me help you or you’ll drown said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree.”