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tha god fahim – klap legend lyrics


[intro: samples and tha god fahim]
you a b+tch ass n+gga, man, you stuck me up, man!
(get the f+ck off him!)
f+ck you, man! i’ma k!ll you!
(get out of my house, [?]! get outta here! oh, sh+t! ma, he’s got a gun!)

dump gawd

uh, yeah
klap gawd
supreme dump legend (came through to clap that sh+t up, man)

i’m the worst person to have as a enemy or opp
chopper with the foldable stock (tatatata)
every gun i lift is fifty shots of havoc
doin’ walk+ups with automatics
you bein’ chalked up, and in a casket (boom)
drinkin’ the devil’s juice, forty to eighty proof
that’s proof i’ll maybe shoot
i mash the ’80s coupe (yuh)
i’m with your lady, too
dump gawd clap clips
the hundred+round carbine got a accent (tatatatata, tata)
it takes a godly mind to understand what i’m kickin’
1500 on my feet, while you bullsh+ttin’ (you n+ggas bullsh+ttin’, man)
and when i pull out the colt, i’m so accurate
headshot make you kneel, colin kaepernick (boo+ka!)
the klap gawd is immaculate
.380 make you dance without the mc hammer pants
your blood rushin’ fast, you need a ambulance
rap legend, the god is not normal
my body is human, but my spirit is just immortal
walkin’ through portals, my shooter got the heart of a gargoyle
sounds can get eerie, too
fearin’ who? smoke you like b+b+q (z+z+z+za!)
dump gawd

[outro: samples]
(toilet flushing)
we got our shooter! c’mon, we got our guy!
we got ’em!
put your hands on your head. put your hands on your head!
[?], be advised, [?]
put your [?]. you’re under arrest. you have the right to remain silent. you have the right to an attorney. if you wish the presence of an attorney, you [?]. you understand that?