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thacheatasongs – sonic.exe triple trouble song with – knuckles section lyrics


act 3.2

i had a life guarding the master emerald
from people that were tryna come to the island and take it
it is sad that sonic himself cannot get any referrals
it’s also surprising that you aren’t in a panic

i am just courageous, i’ve encountered worse than you
don’t you think you’re that bad compared to things i’ve been through
but answer me this question, it’ll clear things up
why is sonic doing this and why is he creating husks?

if you wanna know, then you’ll have to ask him all these questions
bеcause i don’t know how to answer them, and i’m not as intеlligent as my friends

i don’t have the confidence to ask him, i’mma leave them dim
and if i did, i’d probably be k!lled, and i don’t wanna risk that for real

oh that’s alright
i don’t think you understand
the pain i’m in, i can’t withstand
what he’s put me through, in this land
and k!lled me with his own bare hands
ok, i see
i understand, wide and clear
what he’s doing, without fear
i wonder if that’s what he sees
if he does know, will he flee?

(knuckles.exe + bf in background)
i hope he flees, he needs to leave
i want out now, can’t break this frown
wish he could make, vis’ble’s mistakes
and he redeems, his actions please
(from this place, for eternity
will he have guilt, for the pain tower he has built)

(bf + knuckles.exe in background)
i’ll make him see, what he has caused
make him believe, what it has cost
that he had friends, didn’t need this
it’ll soon end, and that’s the gist
(help, them be free, tonight, and every night
forget me, help them out, and leave me be)

(bf + knuckles.exe in backgounrd)
ok tell me, what this all is
hopefully i won’t see him then
i can go home fixing all this
free all of you from this h+ll den
(please just free them from this h+ll cage
they really don’t deserve pain
i can endure it all with ease
give it to me, bring them to peace)
(knuckles.exe + bf in background)
you must hurry, you have no time
he can come back, with static chimes
i must tell you one dark secret
it’s sonic’s lack of intelligence
(i have no time, the clocks running
all these song are doing’s stunning
us from completing our mission
can’t continue this collision )

(knuckles.exe + bf in background)
he’s taking longer than i thought
he knows that you haven’t been caught
i guess he’s being smart, waiting
waiting for you to start fainting
(i knew that he was very slow
he rambles on speed, on he goes
hoping it will finally happen
missing every goal he mapped and)

(bf + knuckles.exe in background)
i get what he’s trying to do
i just hope he sees me through
i need to convict him right now
this’ll free us from this deep hole
(he’s trying to gain more power
but he’ll wither like a flower
he’s gullible, you’ll be fine
he won’t k!ll you, you won’t die)
(knuckles.exe + bf in background)
you see my arm, how it’s missing
wasn’t him, just me mistepping
i’m sorry for the misleading
i’m hoping you can forgive me
(i see your arm, sonic had it
so you mistepped, where we first fought
so i got tricked, i’m so stupid
he had broken it, what i thought)

(bf + knuckles.exe in background)
i can hear the sound of footsteps
i think sonic’s growing nearer
our encounter, i think that’s it
ya will be free, the way’s clearer
(that is sonic, ‘member my words
you will not die, you’ve been through worse
you will make, i will not fear
i’ll tell the others, you’re so near)

what did he tell you?
it is useless, i already k!lled them, so don’t try
to save them it is your end

i will keep trying
i know that they, aren’t dead, you’re trying strike fear at me, it is your end

how do you know about that, i didn’t give any hints to you
it was knuckles, he’s intelligent, why’d you meet him, hate boring friend

why did you have to end them that way, couldn’t you have talked to them
it would’ve worked and you’d still have friend, till the end. you need to just mend