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thatguybased – lucifer lyrics


now i lay me down to sleep, i pray the lord my soul to keep
awake in the land of sleep, plotting a plan to eat
chasing the devil’s tail, while his head is hissing at me
and i understand what he speaks, filling my head with dreams of lucrative means
painting pictures sugary sweet
si, i understand, yes if you just didn’t
he says i can get quicker riches if i would just listen
practice what he was preaching and teach the things he was teaching
told me let go my morals and benefits i’ll be reaping
ain’t gone lie, i thought it over, handing my soul over
heart was already hard like it was water whipped with yola
baking cookies with satan, in h-ll’s kitchen weighing grams
and satan’s yelling, giving orders like he was chef gordan ramsey
smoking blunt with my n-ggas who didn’t make it to 20
cruising obsidian streets, bumping big in a bentley
suicidal thoughts on repeat, in my mind i’m wondering
if god’ll admit men of my kind into heaven
hustlers, gang-bangers & gunslingers
grown men, no roman, love no ho so f-ck venus
care less if the p-ssy tight so long as she suck p-n-s
good or bad it won’t matter so long as she eat s-m-n
pinch a n-gga i must be dreaming, this can’t be real
let go my morals, ain’t it bad enough my heart black steel
or better yet t-tanium, voices speak in my cranium
like k!ll a n-gga, help em, or let’s try hanging em
let’s not, cause you just wanna check you watch
to see how long it takes the heat to make my blood clot like bosh
but ima cp3 and p-ss that up
yeaa ima cp3 and p-ss that up, shout out to the tre-4



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