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the afro-métis nation – the garlic and the rose lyrics


o rose, you are so beautiful, a+shining in the sun your tender silken blossom is a joy to everyone
i am a simple lowly plant that here beside you grows i am not worthy of you, said the garlic to the rose
for you stretch up towards the sky with elegance and grace while i remain below you in this my humble place
my scent is dank and obvious, the subject of much mirth while your exquisite fragrance has no equal on this earth
the bird on wing did sweetly sing, the breeze did softly blow and all the garden bloomed around the garlic and the rose la la la la, la la la la, la la la la la la
all the garden bloomed around the garlic and the rose
on hearing this the rose looked down and offered this reply if anyone deserves such praise, ‘tis surely you not i
you have the gift of healing the whole of humankind
and culinary wonders spring from your unique design
‘tis true that i seem glamorous and destined for the crown but how i love the mystery you weave within the ground so let us be companions together till the end
delighting in the differences that help us to be friends