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the agonist – chlorpromazine lyrics



i awoke to a complex chemistry.
so, i went to a neuro-surgeon inquisitively to see what she could see.
but she knows only what she’s taught so i turned to a tree to see what he thought.
and he asked: “when does three equal plus one?”
the answer is birth — life’s creation.
then suddenly flames rushed past.
green turned to black, and life turned to ash.
because i believe in everything, i’m convinced of nothing.
united we ran — divided we crawl.
it just takes a common enemy to make a friend.
marry hope and fear, invent a colour.
and so, it’s gone as quickly as it came.
raging tides galloped forth to extinguish the flames, and , thus, was born in a cloud above.
but all else was gone, and one plus one equaled one.
in harmony with gravity always bringing everything down.
tear out your mother tongue chlorpromazine incursion — the rights of the voiceless will be revealed.
flesh is food and bone is stone.
a grey-matter cause for inner demons’ microphones.
fields of sh-lls that lurk in murky waters.
a bed of nails for less traumatic slumber.
logic’s tough but brains are sweet, we’ve served our sup for the demons to feed.
projected self loathsome apathy redefines reality.
paranoid self-victimization in a cage of skin; rage and intimidation lack of control bring a once bright life to stone and ice.

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