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the arcatypes – dark souls lyrics


we are connected
internal bond

what are they saying about us?

i can feel it in my bones
soul sent me a message

pr+ck my fingers
test the blood
to see if i’m alive
look into my bloodstream
from a distant memory

i’m scared
if you insist
blood on your hands
in the unwanted future

i’m scared
i don’t want this to end

why so sudden
just last week
we were deluded in love
what’s happened?

i’ll let my scars do the talking

i went to confront you
only to find your heart in locked with a difference substance
i screamed
i cried
to not see the devil in front of me

my heart explodes
you took our passion and turned it into distance
you took my happiness and crumbled it

you took the one reason why i’m even breathing
our arms no longer in tact
my heart no longer in tact

i need you
i need you
i need you
i need you
(you need him)
(you need him)
(you need him)

why did you do this to me?
my heart ripped
in your hands
blood on your hands
eat my heart
eat my soul
you’ve completely destroyed me