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the arcatypes – misperception lyrics


my dreams
flush them away
the aching
of loss
cleanse my hands
with the dirt from my soul
i want to go back through time
to a place where i was happy
so f+cking crazy
you don’t know half of the sh+t that you put me through

i can’t hear myself

i want to warn myself
not to high my hopes
on monsters
the monsters are people
because monsters hurt me
more than life itself
your a footstep away
footsteps away from where i last cried
i’m sorry
sorry for loving you
i’ve ruined everything
like usual

stained tears
speaking hurts
eating hurts
breathing hurts
everything hurts
when i’m like this
this nightmare
can’t leave the nightmare
when i’m the nightmare
life is a box of knives
each moment has a different damage
i’m sorry

nothing is going to be alright
changed sides
changed fate
on my hands and knees
my faith
got on knees
didn’t pray for no jesus
cause jesus
you took it away
hurt my humanity
burn and twist every inch of my soul
you buried my soul when you anounced me
i’m the reason that you stayed
also the reason that you left
you sitting on the same bed
i broke down on
your walking down the same road
i broke down on

people all around me started calling me one thing
even when i felt another
i can’t stop worrying
on what the future will tell
will they leave me?
will people start packing my bags
and pushing me out their lives
i don’t really understand
why people think it’s funny to
say that my emotions are a reflection
of delusion
you said my name
but my heart didn’t listen
because i’ve always known who i am
i know that i may be too young
but i’ve always known who i am
it’s time
time to go back
time to a place
a happier place
but i can’t yet
my time is running out
the time is ticking

the talking
oh d+mn, the talking

that’s what i thought
thought i loved myself
i hope
in a past life i was nice
i don’t want this unwanted karma
so confused
my head was spinning full of dark thoughts
i wish somebody could of given me warning

warning the following audio
you are about to listen too
contains themes of self+hate
love and evolution
you have been warned