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the black crowes – only a fool lyrics


your words buzz around my head
you make me feel warm again
you are my lover, my song, my best friend
i don’t want this to ever end

you hold my heart in your hands
our home is like a promised land
i just want you, just want you to understand

only a fool would let you go
only a fool and i should know
only a fool would let you go
i need you so baby please don’t go

when we’re lying in our big old bed
we wake up just to fall asleep again
when i dream of the time we’ve spent
it makes me so happy i just can’t quit

i see the love in your eyes
it will stay there the rest of our lives
and after that, and after that
and over and over and over again

writer: robinson, christopher mark/robinson, rich s.
lyrics © warner/chappell music, inc.