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the case load crew – dr c phd philosophy (canibus remix) lyrics


how many times can the creator say the same thing?
i guess we’re about to find out huh?
to whom much is given, much more is required
you can’t douse the fire in the minds of men, why?
b/c desire is the primary proto emotion
an when that mind is awoken, creation in a vacuum
is as powerful as unbridled chaos out in the open
many are always called, only few are chosen
from a slither to a crawl to a bipedal sprint the spell is broken, triggering spirit to unbind and be emboldened
to lose interest in the “s” curve of the cobra +
twisting n turning daily roller coasters
in exchange for unlimited exploration beyond the singular solar
b / c & x class explosions, the matrix is broken
the binary dragon approaches as truleethepoet
it’s your turn to put’em on notice
that the screen credits are rolling, i say good
it’s happening , just like our ancestors said it would
everything else is a lie, from every angle they try
but the real & the righteous never die !!!
and in spite of our denial
of this esoteric prison we find ourselves inside
your definition of freedom is for you to decide…
and with that said, we ain’t even live yet ! maybe we’re all dead
& energy is the only thing that’s trulee alive
good or bad, energy is the only thing that survives
who does your energy belong too? yeah + it’s time to pick a side
so mirror mirror on the wall, the reflection you showin’ is a lie, cause the true sons and daughters of the one & only
creator knows who is and will always be the most high