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the cribs – we share the same skies lyrics


“we share the same skies”

a strange union the other day
it’s a dead russian, the papers say
but it would be nice if they realised
that she thought ‘he is mine’

this town has got you down and i know
i was helping you out
while your hope died under northern skies
and it shows
i was helping you to realise
the reason why, it was no surprise
no way

the act will p-ss by no-one
and i’m sad to say it’s no different today
be comforted by we share the same skies
and for once pay no mind

i have decided it’s best that you know
i’m still thinking about
old ties as north-west skies grow cold
no point in denying
anxiety was my favourite feeling after jealousy
yeah, i’ll concede

that i could not be as nervous as i was
i could not, no way

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