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the dangerous summer – in my room lyrics


“in my room”

i ought to sink into places i find that i don’t know; remember my old shoes, some sp-ces were made to be outgrown. and if i fill up that table in my head, i think i’ll find all of the countless ways i could make up for lost time.

made to be a better thing picking up the parts. it’s a long long ways away, but i used to be a little bit hard to carry on. i had to be out of the way, but i still believe in everything; even in my flaws. they’re a problem i can take, but i tried to be a better thing, but it’s taking me a lot, recovering all my strength.

in my room there’s a storm that will calm when i’m through. find my ways between lines that i drew. these are my thoughts in a long form and i have the mindset to deconstruct you. filled with the clouds in my eyes that i knew, i take the worst i can find and consume. this is the dark, but it feels warm and i try my best to see right through you.

i remember none of it. taking to my thoughts, it’s a solid i’ll escape. stable for a little bit only to belong, but belonging gets so fake. i’ll slip into another place laying on the lawn, though this time feeling gray. i tried to live a better way. tell me where i’m from, settled in my daze.